Trent Foltz Photography
Geneseo, IL

K&R Greenhouse
Roger & Sue Meiers Morrison, IL 
*Photo courtesy of Trent Foltz Photography


De Immigrant Windmill
Fulton, IL

Apples - Indian Hills_edited.jpg

Indian Hills Orchard
 Darrell and Sally Meinsma
Fulton, IL

Happy Hollow.jpg

    Happy Hollow 

Susie & Steve Andrews 
East Moline, IL


Victorian Grace 
Antiques & Accents

Ann & Les Wilson Prophetstown, IL

Miss Effie's 
Country Flowers and Garden Stuff

Cathy & Cliff Lafrenz
Donahue, IA



Carla & Corey Jaquet
Erie, IL

Wild Hare Farmers

Chelsea Stuart & Crew
Morrison, IL

 Shaheen's Village Market
Mark & Leslie Shaheen 
 Erie, IL    

*Photo courtesy of Trent Foltz Photography

Honey - Abby_edited.jpg

Honey Girl Honey
Abby Koch-Huizenga
Fulton, IL

Crosswinds Farm.jpg

Crosswinds Farm
Corinne Rasso
Eldridge, IA

Beets - Baar_edited.jpg

Baar Potato Farm
Gwen & Steve Baar
Morrison, IL

Stan Kurasz Woodworking
Stan & Teriann Kurasz
Morrison, IL


The Mad Farmers Garden_edited.jpg

The Mad Farmer's Garden
Ian & Hannah Forslund
Coal Valley, IL

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"Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention. Be astonished.
Tell about it."
 Mary Oliver

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